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Treftford make high-quality floor coverings made from recycled and natural raw materials (goat hair, virgin wool, jute, and econyl, which are among the most sustainable raw materials in the carpet industry). It is one of the few natural carpet types that can be supplied in more than 60 colors. Because Tretford carpets can be cut to shape and laid almost seamlessly, the options to create custom designs and patterns in any kind of space are limitless.

Carpets from Tretford are also insulating, have no static charge and are suitable for underfloor heating and swivel chair wheels. On top of that they are easy to maintain and are resistant to the sharp nails from pets. They also have sound-absorbing qualities, are stylish and durable and are suitable for people with allergies as they reduce fine dust. Stair treads and floor rugs (including round) are also available.