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Curtain Rail Systems

As well as the standard rail tracks, there are also other ways to hang curtains. For example you could use curtain tracks, poles, traversing, or ceiling-mounted systems. Most are produced in various materials such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass, iron, or wood, to name a few. We also supply electric remote controlled curtain tracks from Goelst. The tracks have a powerful quiet-running motor and are suitable for all types of curtain. In store we also stock a remote control from Bang & Olufsen, which can be used with the Goelst rail system. This remote has the advantage that it can be used to control curtains and all other types of Bang & Olufsen audio devices, meaning you only need to have the one remote control.

Our collection of curtain poles is also very extensive, ranging from modern to classic and produced in a variety of materials. We also supply curtain poles from Interstil, the innovators in 'integral' technology. By adapting techniques used in modern bridge engineering, Interstil have developed a railing system, which can span large lengths whilst being supported only by one central joining bracket.